Delivering Next Generation Genetic Therapeutics.



Our mission is to transform the delivery of gene therapies and enable the next generation of non-viral, gene editing-based therapeutics. GenEdit is an innovative biotechnology company seeking to revolutionize gene therapy and gene editing enabled by its proprietary nanoparticle delivery technology.  



GenEdit’s key technology is based on successfully engineering the individual components of the CRISPR system to develop the first comprehensive delivery system for CRISPR-based therapeutics. This novel approach which includes both proprietary engineering and novel nanoparticles, enables safer delivery options with more improved efficiency in not only gene knockout (non-homologous end joining or NHEJ) therapies but, more importantly, in gene repair (homologous direct repair or HDR). By enabling HDR, GenEdit has the opportunity to develop CRISPR-based therapeutics for more diverse sets of genetic diseases and significantly increasing the market potential of gene editing-based therapeutics.